Big Muscles

The Boy is an incredibly built little guy. He has the kind of muscle definition grownup male supermodels would envy if they saw him. There is no fat on him anywhere and every muscle he has stands out. It’s pretty impressive.

From time to time we will get him to show off his muscles for us. He loves to do this so he’ll take off his shirt and do this funny little boy imitation of a bicep flex and we will all exclaim over how strong he is and how big his muscles are. It makes him so proud.

Today the Girl stopped in the hallway and pulled up her shirt. While rubbing her chubby little girl tummy she said, “Oh, I have stong mussos!”

“Do you have big muscles like the Boy?”

“Uh huh, I hab big big mussos in my back too.”

She turns around and points to it for me.

The Boy hears us and comes running out, strips off his shirt, and starts flexing so I can admire him too.

all content © Carrien Blue

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  1. have i ever told you that i think you should write a book??!!

    post a picture of your table for the world to admire would ya?

    talk to you soon!

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