Stating the obvious

Conversation with the Girl while she’s pooping on the potty.

I go poo mommymommyIgopooIgopoomommy…..

(distracted silence)

Mommy! I go Poo!

Yes honey you’re going poo. Good job.

I don’t eat poo mommy.


I don’t eat poo mommy, it’s nasty.

Yes poo is yucky, we don’t eat poo.

[triumphantly] I don’t yike poo, iss yucky. [Giggling]
Oh… mommy, I go poo.


I go poo in potty.

Good job sweety.

I go POOOO!!!!

[sighing] Are you finished?


Okay, call mommy when you’re done so we can wipe. [leaves bathroom]

MOMMY!!! I have MORE pooo.

Are you finished.

Uh huh.

Okay get up.

Mommy I goed poo. I all done.

Talking to the Boy

Mommy are you a lady.

Yes honey I’m a lady.

But I’m not because I’m a BOY!

Yes, you are a boy.

And my sister is a little girl.


And daddy isn’t a lady he’s a MAN!

That’s right.

Mommy why aren’t the Girl a boy?

Because she’s a girl.

But why.

Because she’s not a boy.

But why is she not a boy?

Because God made her a girl.

How come.

I don’t know.

But why did God make her a girl?

I don’t know.

But why is she a girl.

[exasperated] Because she is a girl she’s not a boy. She has girl parts not boy parts, just because.

[Also exasperated] BUT WHY????


But I want her to be a boy mommy.

[Under breath and sarcastically] Sorry about that, I’ll try harder next time.

What mommy?

[Dismissively] Nothing.

What did you say mom?


What were you talking about?

Do you want to color?

YEAH!! [Skipping, cavorting, and excitement all around]

Okay go to your room and color. [Sigh and look for lost brain cells. Give up a second later when daughter yells, “I hab POO!!”]

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3 thoughts on “Stating the obvious

  1. Nothing to do with this post. But I thought your wrap-up on MiM: “Maybe several of the women who gain weight in marriages have don’t actually feel that their husbands love them because, speaking from experience, when you really feel loved and accepted it is then that you feel empowered to change and grow and become your best self because you aren’t afraid anymore.”

    …was absolutely brilliant.

  2. This sounds SO much like conversations we have around our house all the time. Right down to the whole eating poo thing. Where do they get this stuff! And why? Why? Why? About everything! It’s amazing any of us Mamas make it through with a shred of sanity!

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