Things I’d like to Do Today.

Some people make lists of things they would like to get done before they die, or turn a certain age, or get married. I just have a running list of things I would like to be able to do everyday before I go to bed at night.

1.) Rinse with Lysterine TWICE a day as the directions on the bottle say I should do, and wait a full half hour before eating or drinking.
2.) Floss.
3.) Do 15 minutes of a cardio workout and then stretch for another ten.
4.) Shower
5.) Apply moisturizer to legs and arms and face before getting dressed. (My kids must be getting older, two years ago this would have been far too much to attempt.)
6.) Do a little bit of work on the sweater I am knitting for my daughter so that it is finished before she outgrows it, and before the California summer hits and makes sweaters pointless.
7.) Eat a real lunch with a salad in it and not leftover peanut butter crusts that I find laying around when I clean up after the kids.
8.) Take my kids outside to play and be silly.
9.) Read to my kids.
10.) Play fun counting and letter games with my four-year-old who is ready to learn if I would teach him. I just realized last night that I learned to read when I was 5 and he doesn’t even know the whole alphabet yet.
11.) Write
12.) Be still and pray.
13.) Talk to my husband.
14.) Listen to at least one person outside of my immediate circle and care about what they are telling me.
15.) Smile.
16.) Tidy the house at least once
17.) Go to bed before 11pm

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