Kids at Play

The Boy tries, unsuccessfully for about 5 minutes to get the Girl to take his toy dagger, he is wielding the sword, and play soldiers with him. She would rather walk around with the big stuffed dog.

She trips and falls. In a flash he is at her side, “Sister did you trip?”


“Did a monster trip you?”


Handing her the dagger, “Well then here, take this and kill it!”

A couple of minutes later he has his sword in the dog’s heart, the stuffed one, and I hear him saying, “We need food, we are going to have food now that we killed the dog.”

She kneels next to him and responds, “Uh-huh!”

One minute later, the Boy calls, “Mom, do you want to buy a dog? It’s dead, I killded it and cut all the meat off. It’s tasty.”

Don’t ask me, I honestly don’t know.

all content © Carrien Blue

2 thoughts on “Kids at Play

  1. HOW COME YOU NEVER EVER EVER EVER TOLD ME YOU WROTE THIS! *sigh* I accdiently saw it since Cheese was using my computer and visited here. Been thinking i never know what is going on down there, and here all along I could have joined the readers who throng to your stories.
    Cant wait to see you. Hopefully for a June wedding 🙂 I will visit here lots now and read and share all thats going on in your life easily! All hail mighty power of the blog!
    Love you Chuck

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