Pirate costumes

There is much that I would like to write about today, like sullen four-year olds, I thought I had until they were teens for that to happen, and how sweet little girls who forgot to put their pants back on after going potty look standing on their tiptoes to turn on a light switch with their little naked legs all extended. But I have no time, I have to sew a pirate blouse, and a peasant shirt, and several masks.

My genius husband’s little sister is 13. Thirteen is the big party year where the kids can actually invite friends and go all out for a party. It is the coming of age party, and we are invited. (Hey they had 8 kids, of course you don’t get a big birthday party every year, just having the family assembled is quite enough people, though you do get to choose your birthday dinner, go to breakfast with dad, and it’s quite the big deal.)

This is the fun part, she’s decided to have a masquerade ball, costumes and masks required. It’s in three days. The Girl is taken care of, she already has a fairy princess costume that she looks adorable in, and she’ll match her aunty who is going as a pixie. The boy wishes to be a “red man with a sword” that quickly became a pirate. HIs uncle made him a wooden sword, that looks super cool, and his aunt made him a dagger, and we are improvising hats and pants, but there is no way to get a real pirate shirt it seems unless I make it, so I have to finish that today. Then I have to make us all masks, and I want a lacy black fan because I think it would be fun to get as authentic as I can manage, where else to I get to wear a ball gown with a lace-up bustier and flutter fans around. And my husband needs a peasant style shirt to wear with his kilt so that it looks more like a costume. I may not have to make him a mask, he’s thinking about blue woad paint instead.

SO I will be busy, I’ll come back when I have a chance.

I know, you are all wondering if I had the ball gown lying around in my closet just waiting for a chance to wear it, and the answer is yes. The true story is that it’s my wedding dress, which was quite simple and not pure white but more champagne colored and happens to go perfectly with accessories that I got at other times. I’m not that weird.

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