HA, my macho boy.

The Boy is going to his first ever professional baseball game tonight. Padres vs. I don’t know. Since he’s not all that familiar with baseball, though in typical boy fashion he stops to watch it if he ever sees a game on a TV screen and says that it’s SOO COOOL, I took him through the Padres website and pulled up pictures of Petco Park and players and tried to help him realize that what he’s going to do is sit in the stands with his dad and uncles, while a bunch of men throw a ball around a field for a couple of hours.

He thought this was really exiting and did some of his signature cavorting; half cartwheels, ground rolls, loud exclamations of delighted anticipation, and, my favorite, looking as though he’ll burst if he stands still another second.

“That will be so cool mom, I’m going to watch the game…”

Are you ready for this, the mid-sentence segue?

“…and someday I’m going to go and watch DANCING ON ICE!”

I choke back a surprised chortle and through a very wide grin I ask, “Do you mean you want to go to a big ice stadium some day and watch ice dancing?”

“Yeah, I really like ice dancing, do you like it mommy?”

“Yes mommy likes it a lot.”

“Yeah that would be so fun. WOOHOO!”

And more cavorting ensues.

What makes this really funny for me is that I don’t think he has watched ice dancing/figure skating more than one or two times back several months ago during the Winter Olympics, and his dad hates it. I’m proud of my little Canadian born athletics loving boy for liking something beautiful, that’s a winter sport, and not knowing yet that it’s not cool for boys to get excited about ice dancing.

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  1. ice dancing is one of those things i was never able to do. i was better at other ice sports, like ice skidding, ice falling, ice whimpering. ice shivering. ice whining to go home. those sorts of ice sports.

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