Taking a Break

I’m supposed to be scrubbing down the walls to make sure there aren’t any kid fingerprints or footprints left. But it’s 11:30 and dark, and I’m almost completely done with everything except making the sink shiny, sweeping the patio, (Anyone know how to get melted crayon off of concrete?) and the aformentioned wall scrubbing. Since I have all day tomorrow to do it, give or take the care and maintenance of two toddlers, I am going to tell you a quick story instead.

The Boy saw some friends on the weekend that he hasn’t seen in 7 months, and has only seen occasionally over his few short years. We look at pictures and remember people but he’s four so ’nuff said. I told him he was going to see his friend’s Kai and Kenya and meet their baby brother. He looked doubtful, and said, “I don’t know them any more, mom.”

Later on in the day when we were visiting he came up to me at one point and confided, “I know my friend Kai again mom, I remembered him.”

I thought that was a great way of describing what happens in long distance friendships. When we see each other again, and have that moment when we remember why we’re friends and all is the same as before, it’s like we know them again.

Now I’m off to scrub a window sill before bed. (Why is my computer still at our old apartment you ask? I’m stealing unguarded bandwidth from the neighbors upstairs, don’t tell. We have our own, but discovered right after moving in that theirs can be picked up by our computers and since the new place has yet to be installed…….You get the picture.)

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One thought on “Taking a Break

  1. Hm. that happened to me lately, too. there was a friend i hadn’t talked to in so long, and i felt sure i didn’t know her anymore. it felt lost. but we talked yesterday and i remembered her. and i realized it wasn’t gone. i like this post.

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