Small Joys Fridays

The new blog is up, though it requires much work still, you can go on over and read my first post on shopping for basic pantry items.

It’s small joys Friday again, and I’m glad I have started this because it forces my heavily pessimistic self to remember the myriad of ways in which I am truly blessed.

This week I had a good talk with a dear friend whom I saw in person instead of on the phone.

I held an absolutely delicious baby boy, 2 1/2 months old, and he smiled at me for over an hour.

The genius husband volunteered to cook dinner this week, two nights in a row.

I finally got my pictures hung again in our new apartment and some curtains. It’s been two months since we moved in. Now it’s starting to look like home.

Our TV is gone, because it’s not really ours to begin with. Some friends loaned it to us when we first moved here, and I’ve hated it ever since. I know, I sound a little nuts, let me explain. I like watching TV, a lot; I have the makings of a great couch potato. I grew up in a house without any TV and I don’t like the way a television takes over a home as small as ours, dominates the conversation, tramples over family time and evening hours, and eats away at time I could be productively getting other things done because I usually watch if it’s on. We only used it to watch DVD’s and didn’t get cable or anything, and yet it still did this. I am excited that our friends want it back, and that we are letting it go. Now I can arrange my furniture according to the space we’re in instead of making sure you can see the TV from every chair. I can always watch things on my computer if I really need to, even download shows I like, but I feel like I can breath a little more now that it’s gone.

My in-laws were stranded at my house this week because of car trouble. I was in the middle of cleaning for dinner guests when they came. They played with my kids, braided hair, tore around outside for hours and helped me tidy while they waited for the car to be towed and the other one to be fetched, etc. I think we all had fun, even though they had a little mini disaster, and it was near my place instead of on the freeway, so they had a place to hang while it was dealt with.

My Girl sits herself down next to my pillow in the morning to jabber away about her dreams, and her plans for the day, and horses and popsicles and pancakes and ice cream and birthday parties; all of the exciting things in her little girl life. Sometimes I am so tired, but I love that she wants to tell me, and I love it when she gets close to me like that, I have to reach out and hug her every time, it’s a compulsion that must be obeyed, she is too sweet to not hug.

Happy Friday everyone.

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