I am surrounded by yucky things.

It turns out that the strange bacterial rash that my children have is actually a STAPH INFECTION! My little girl has a staph infection growing on her cheek! I’m a totally calm, NOT! One by one all of their other little cuts and bruises have are in danger of becoming infected and some already have. The boy had a harmless looking hangnail on his finger and a scrape that he got this weekend on a knuckle, they are no both turning into oozing festering cesspools of puss. This morning I stood them both in front of me naked and applied oregano oil (Very strong, stings a lot, kills everything bacterial including staph.) to every tiny little nick and cut on their bodies to keep this thing from spreading. We are alternating with staphoccocal stagnia at night, if you care. The Boy is taking it bravely, not complaining about how much it must sting. The Girl cries at me for at least half an hour after each application that her owies hurt and she needs hugs. I feel for her, but I would rather she live with a little bit of pain now than spend the rest of her life with a gigantic scar on her face because we let it keep growing until it got to muscle tissue. (Yes it does that, aren’t you glad you are reading this from your computer instead of talking to me face to face? Even their grandmother had a back away cringe moment when I told her.)

Not only is this gross, I’m going out of my mind with sanitizing every surface that they touch, laundering towels and bed sheets, at the laundromat mind you, and trying to eliminate all possible places that this infection could find in my home to set up a permanent residence. My hands are chapped from the constant washing.

Then the Genius Husband brought in his tightly sealed travel mug that has been hiding in his car for the past week or so. I open the lid to find a genuine slime mold has taken up residence inside. It’s fluorescent green and it’s all over the inside of this cup. I read a book recently called Intelligence in Nature, and at one point it goes into the research that a Japanese scientist has done with slime molds to show that they actually have some kind of intelligence. They can solve mazes by changing their shape to fit the shortest possible route between two food sources. In the book it was fascinating. In front of me it is a disgusting green mass of infection and I am going to kill it dead with everything at my disposal, and then go and wretch, and disinfect my doorknobs and light switches again, just in case.

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  1. Oh Carrien, you are cute and funny and I’m so so so sorry for you that you have to deal with all of this. Poor little girlie.

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