One of those weeks

The boy is singing, “Sunday, Bloody Sunday” to himself right now. Once again the Genius Husband left his itunes running on the laptop after leaving the house for work, and my children have been getting their daily dose of classic rock’n’roll. He has no idea what the song is about, but he’s singing it.

That’s not what I was going to write about.

Ever have one of those days? Ever have a couple of those days in a row and realize it’s becoming one of those weeks? We are in the middle of one of those weeks or have we begun the second? The staph infection is slowly clearing up. We are very vigilant so even though new spots keep popping up we have been able to treat them right away and they go away before becoming a problem. That was last week, and so I was just beginning to relax and thing that there may be an end in sight to the laundry and the disinfecting, and the hyper vigilant parent mode I’ve been in.

Yesterday morning the Girl vomited all over the ground while we were at church, twice. I always carry a full change of clothes on Sunday because it’s a long day, so we managed to clean her up, and get her in the car, and take her home, where she vomited again as we turned into our street, all over herself and the car seat and the seat of the car. It’s still sitting on the patio waiting for me to figure out how to detach the liner and clean out the little crevices in the clips. She spent the rest of the day vomiting and listlessly laying on top of us. She wanted to go to bed at 5pm. She woke up at 8pm for an hour and went back to sleep. I spent the night soothing her back to sleep and emptying the bucket for next time. (The baby that I’m certain she got it from had been sick for several days last week, and his parents got it too. They thought he was better when they joined us for Shabbat, and then I got a phone call the next day telling me he had been throwing up again.)

Oh yes, and then right before I was going to get the bath ready for the Boy, I flushed the toilet because there was mystery poo in it, and it flooded, all over the floor. Three bath towels and several rags later, as well as the bath mat, the floor is clean and disinfected.

It was definitely one of those days. The girl is still sick; she went down for a nap before 11am. I still have to put germ killer on her rash, which stings and makes her cry, even though she is already miserable. I hope, against all hope, that the Boy doesn’t get sick next, or me, or the GH.

In the meantime I have to also contend with the fact that the GH’s company just implemented a new payroll system, which means we didn’t get paid on Friday, it skips to next Friday. Not a good week to not get paid since all of the bills are due. Let’s just say we aren’t getting anything nonessential this week.

My best friend is getting married in 20 days or so. I won’t be able to attend, or stand up for her as we had always planned and she did for me. Even if flying were an option at 8 months pregnant, which I would do by the way, I can’t leave the country until INS gives me paper work saying that I can. Unless of course I don’t want to be allowed to return to my children husband or home until after they’ve settled it all, which could be months or years.

On the plus side, the supplements that my midwife gave me to take are WORKING! I am tired, and not expecting relief soon, but I am not riding an emotional roller coaster right now, and I’m not feeling completely over whelmed and helpless, and I’m not experiencing irrational fits of irritation or breaking into tears at every setback. If there were a week for this to happen, this would be it, but it’s not. So I promised I’d share what they are, here it goes. She first gave me a high concentration of homeopathic sepia to take for a few days, and then once a week. I am also taking EPA-DHA, which I only know are fatty acids and fish oils that the brain uses. The other two are sam-e (S-adenosylmethionine), which I can’t pronounce, and L-5-hydroxy Tryptophan, which she told me produces serotonin and helps with that mommy brain thing. Don’t you want some of that?

Other good things: the Girl has amazing aunties who helped her get in the bath after her car puke. The Genius Husband made dinner while I was putting her to bed, and it was as usual tastier than what I had planned. He also made cinnamon flavored caramel sauce to put on top of ice cream with shaved Belgian chocolate. Sunday is treat day and we still had one well child expecting his ice cream.

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  1. Oh man, sweetpea, I am feelin’ for ya…..I remember these times so very clearly…..the stories I could tell you…but I won’t cuz you have enough gross stuff going on.
    So glad the staph and depression are settling though. I took many of those supplements during my last (4th) pregnancy and after as well and they saved my life.

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