Ramblings of my sleep deprived brain

The modem and my computer just suddenly stopped talking to each other last night right as I was posting again. That post is locked on to my suddenly internetless computer so I bring you something else on the Genius Husband’s machine instead.

Happy Hanukah.

We enter the holiday week with hacking coughs all round. The girl stayed awake all night coughing, so guess who stayed awake all night with her? This normally unpleasant experience was confounded by the fact that I have the same cough, I’m so pregnant that finding a comfortable position to sleep in is a real challenge, and the coughing started to bring on mild contractions yesterday. Every time I got just a little bit comfortable, her majesty would start screeching from her bed the latest demand of the evening. “I want water!” “I want a blanket!” “I DON’T want a blanket.” This was all puncuated with loud, deep, pathetic sounding coughs that had me weighing the merits of cough suppressants which I don’t normally use for them. All I have right now is Buckley’s and I was wondering if it would be worth it to tie her down and force her to swallow it in spite of the inevitable screaming that would follow, just for the possibility of a few hours of peace if it worked.

Tonight will be fun though, at least the candles and presents and dinner at Beema’s will. Another round of hacking and discomfort in her guest room may suck completely, but the kids will have a fun hanukah memory at least, I hope.

I used to post the things that made me joyful on Fridays didn’t I?

Okay, here goes.

Little girls who climb into your lap while watching something together and give a hundred hugs and kisses.

Little boys who stop what they’re doing to run over and say “I love you Mommy.”

Singing songs with my kids.

Sunny days and cool nights.

Friends who know exactly how to comfort me when I’m feeling low.

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