Friday again.

Wow, so the people who read here, at least those of you who delurked, thanks, are a really articulate smart bunch of people, at least if your comments are anything to go by, and I’m not saying that just because you all said nice things about me and complimented my children. I find myself half afraid to write anything else, perhaps in a fit of self-consciousness. This place has become for me what my journal used to be, only knowing that someone else might/will read it forces me to be more articulate, and keeps me motivated to keep writing. I had no idea when I started this how cathartic it would be.

Anyway, thanks for leaving those comments, it feels good to know I’m not alone in cyber space. I’m kind of awestruck that Mary, who is very smart, (You have to be smart to be a physicist don’t you?) would link to Notes from the Trenches and me in the same post since she is so very widely read and I’m well, not so widely read and think she is awesome.

So I humbly bring you all the latest edition of Small Joys Friday, which I have neglected for a while.

Children playing peacefully together in a rich and complex world of pretend inhabited by fantastic things.

Blue eyes framed by dark lashes above rosy flushed cheeks, especially smiling and multiplied by two.

Helping the Boy learn to read his first words this week and watching joy break across his face as he caught on.

Laying next to the Girl at night before she goes to sleep. Wrapping her in her baby blanket because it makes her feel special to remember that she was the new baby once too.

Having my mother here to help because she is the only other woman on the planet who does things almost exactly the way I do when it comes to housework, and it’s restful to spend time with her and listen as she reads to the kids.

I saw my ribs again this morning for the first time in months, it gives me hope for seeing my pre-pregnant wardrobe again sooner than later.

The sweet aching tightness that comes when I think of my baby and the milk lets down in anticipation of her need.

Sleeping with a tiny person nestled against me and listening to her hiccup and sigh as she sleeps.

Looking at the Genius Husband all downy and disheveled from slumber before he gets dressed; pretty, in a very masculine way.

Finally framing and hanging some pictures that I’ve wanted to put up and grateful for the time to do it in.

These are the things that brought me joy this week. Anyone else want to join me?

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2 thoughts on “Friday again.

  1. watching my little niece of 18 months cuddle up to my husband and ask him to read to her… and he reads (even though he doesn’t like reading!)…

    seeing the blue sky after many grey, rainy, windy days.

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