2 months

You are now 2 months old baby girl. The big news is that you have eyelashes now, they just popped out of nowhere one day and now you have pretty long dark lashes just like your brother and sister did. Even bigger news is that you are smiling, a lot, and we think that you can see us now because you will sit for a long time just looking at things. Your biggest smile to date was for daddy when he was making his voice rumble around in his chest for your benefit. You looked straight at him and broke into a big wide grin and he was so excited he yelled for me to come and see. Keep it up and you’ll soon have him completely wrapped around your little finger, he will be like putty for you to mold you are so heart meltingly lovely. His voice changes when he talks to you, becomes gentle again and a bit silly.

You like it when your brother and sister pay attention to you. When they are near you are wildly excited and start to move your whole body and kick and kick those little legs of yours trying to get yourself in on the action. You so far you have only succeeded in maneuvering yourself onto your stomach and pushing your face into the chair, which results in frantic cries of anger and frustration, and we quickly adjust you so that you can breath more easily. You look so cute when you’re excited. Your eyes open even wider and you just don’t stop moving and making precious little grunting noises.

You have little satisfied sound that you make that is almost like a laugh but not quite, and I love your expectant little snuffles when you are about to nurse. Your cheeks are very chubby now, almost jowly since you don’t really have a chin to speak of yet. Your tiny body is slowly getting less tiny which is what it’s supposed to do it just seems so fast this changing that you go through.

You’ve started to try and hold on to me with your hands. You grab onto my hair and my clothes with your little fists. When I hold you to try to grasp my wrists between your forearms, and you are strong when you pull on things.

You can now support your own weight on your feet for all of 10 seconds. You have started pushing yourself onto your feet whenever anyone holds you in their lap and stand as long as you can manage it before taking a rest. Last night you pushed yourself up while I was holding you and then you strained and stiffened and even curled your arms as though you were a body builder flexing and we all laughed at how funny you looked, a tiny little person in a tough guy pose.

You are so pretty. You look a lot like daddy we think; you have his hair and his skin tone and his forehead and eyelashes. You are fortunate however to have my nose, it’s cuter than his is we all agree.

You love your baths, and your siblings like to help with them. You are very clean once you get out with all of the loving attention you get from them. They like to clean you off very thoroughly, and they are particular about wachclothes. They think you like the one with pink butterflies on it the best.

You are in disposition peaceful, except when your belly hurts which happens often at night when gas gets trapped in there. You I have to walk to sleep because if you nurse right before I lay you down and you don’t deal with that gas you will be awake all night and it sounds like it really hurts you. We’re slowly getting the hang of it though you and I, and the late evening is becoming more peaceful. We may get to bed before 1am on a consistent basis pretty soon here.

I like you little girl. I like the way bits of your personality are already beginning to emerge, and I love the feel of your little body in my arms. And you like us. At least, that’s what the Girl says every time she hovers over you and you look back at her, she announces, “Mommy, she likes us.” I hope it’s true. Thank-you for coming to live with us you brighten every day. I already cannot imagine life without you.

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