Love Is…

…When your auntie spends her weekend sewing you silly hats and horse shaped pillows, because she knows you like them. She sets up tents in the back yard and sleeps outside with you so you can pretend you are camping, she draws and cuts out dozens of paper fish and tapes magnets to them so you can pretend you are fishing with the special pole she also made you.

She makes you pretty costumes, and lets you play with her things. She reads you books, she makes cookies and pancakes for you and lets you “help”, she even makes you your own special apron. When she went to India she bought you bangles and shoes. When she went to Thailand she came home with a little seat that fastens to her bicycle so she could take you for bike rides with her. She always seems to be thinking about you and how to make your day special. And, of course, she gets up from whatever she was doing to come outside and swing with you when you ask her.

Happy Love Thursday

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