Our Weekend in Pictures

The Genius Husband’s little sister just turned 18. Whoopee. Growing up where I did in Canada 18 was huge, because not only were you legally an adult and able to vote and order your own cable, but you were legally allowed to drink alcohol also. Imagine the parties, okay don’t, it’s kind of pathetic to imagine a bunch of kids under 20 getting hammered BECAUSE THEY CAN!!!

This birthday party was a family affair. Well, family, friends, and every guy at her college who knew it was her birthday. The rest of us found their attempts to get her attention amusing. She wanted greek food, and then somehow the Scots-Irish blood took over and before we all knew it there was a scaled down version of the Highland games taking place complete with caber tosses, broad sword fights, balancing contests, spear throwing, archery, and a whole lot more fun. Can you tell she has a lot of brothers?

This is the Boy with a “broadsword” constructed for the occasion so they could beat on each other with minimal damage. Notice the funny shoes? The birthday girl made those for him when we realized that he had forgotten his and his feet were hurting.

The Girl is taken for a ride.

This picture is blurry but I had to add it because how many single guys do you know that would hold and entertain their little baby neice the last 2 minutes of whatever game he was watching, and keep her happy and laughing?

Boy with spear. He kept inching closer, and closer, and closer to the target. Driven by the need to get a bullseye no matter how close he had to stand.

My mother in law competed in the caber toss event. She claims to have beaten my husband by getting it farther, he claims to have let her win by throwing the heavy one when she was throwing the smaller one. Um, she’s close to 60, so she wins for getting the thing in the air, not to mention farther than every one else.

The boys built themselves a pit BBQ after a trip to northern Thailand. It of course needed to be large enough to spit and roast and entire animal over, not that they’ve done that since they built it, but it is handy for cooking steaks and chicken and the like. The Genius Husband in the kilt he married me in, different shirt, decided he needed to pose with a bottle of Irish whisky to complete the picture.

And the table full of hand made greek food, just to mix it up and keep everyone guessing. See that dish full of Dolmas to the right? It felt like hours and hours that we spent flattening out grape leaves, spooning lamb meat into them, and rolling them up, and they were gone in a matter of minutes.

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3 thoughts on “Our Weekend in Pictures

  1. Great pictures! Why did I have GH pictured as tall and slender?

    My son turned 18 last week. He’s making a big deal of being an “adult” now, and I respond with a grin: “Adult is as adult does. You seen your ROOM lately?”

    He still can’t drink, though. At least, not legally, in public. In Ontario the drinking age is 19.

    (So what do misbehavin’ Ottawa teens do? Go across the river to Hull, Quebec, where the drinking age is 18.)

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