Because the other post is missing

I wrote a post, but I seem to have misplaced it.

This week I started seriously hunting down ideas to make money from home. I had no idea there was so much free information available on the Internet. Of course, I can’t actually work until I get my paperwork out of the way, but I started to explore options.

Last night I sent a writing sample to an organic food type of company looking to launch a new website. It was my first time applying for a freelance writing job, though I did a short stint as a copy writer the year before I married the Genius Husband. I did not think my first ever application would even be noticed.

I got a response, a positive response. They liked my writing and wanted to know how much I charge. I’m so excited, and depressed all at once. Excited because it seems as though I may be able to pull this off, writing for money I mean, and depressed because I can’t technically do it yet. I’m hoping I can talk them into paying me in food, lots of high end organic food products, on a regular basis, until I’m allowed to work. I could pay the grocery bill that way at least.

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One thought on “Because the other post is missing

  1. You should publish a book! You don’t have to be “legal” per se, to write and publish a book. You can write one on organic food/healthy eating, poetry/prose, or whatever subject you are passionate about and would like to share with the world.

    At any rate, you can get paid to write by writing your own book, and help people all at the same time! Try the self-publishing route, if you’re concerned about traditional publishing and the long, lengthy logistics involved.

    The most reputable self-publishing/print-on-demand company I know about is iUniverse.

    Just a thought!

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