The Housedress, revisited

Do you remember when I was lamenting the demise of the house dress? Okay, probably not because I’m the only one who obsesses about things I consider problems needing to be solved until I find a solution. Except for the house dress, I found another person who laments it’s demise as well.

Well, I think I have an easy affordable solution, everyone ready?

Ta da! It’s a kurta. They’re woven cotton, they’re breathable, they’re flattering and come with 3 inches of adjustable seams. I already have one that I wear on hot days and I love it. But only recently did I realize that it’s a practical work garment for my Indian friends, at least the plainer ones are. I can wake up in the morning, pull one of these over my head and get to work, and I’ll feel pretty and ready for the day. And the best part is, if you go here you can buy some for less than $15 each in whatever color you want, though I have no idea what shipping costs. Or you can get them at the thrift stores near the Indian section of major cities which is where I got the few I already own.

Unless of course you’re really attached to this look. In which case they’re on sale and today is your lucky day.

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3 thoughts on “The Housedress, revisited

  1. I’ve been to India a couple of times, and have tried to dress like the locals while there. I think what I have is called a salwar… the long tunic top, pants, and a scarf. It really was more comfortable than any western clothes I had brought (felt like pajamas!) and kept me cooler than any of my clothes. And, I felt very feminine too. Yay for Indian clothes!

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