Baby Troll Attacks Castle

Residents of the castle were terrorized the other day by a giant baby troll. Experts are still not certain how the troll baby arrived at the castle on its own since the castle is thought to be far outside of troll territory.

The first to encounter the troll, armed knights keeping watch on the tower were flattened by the trolls initial onslaught. The troll then plucked the crown prince from his horse in the courtyard as he tried to raise the alarm. The prince endured many terrifying minutes of having his head sucked on by the baby troll. After his ordeal the prince commented, “It’s just a good thing it was a baby you know. I mean, it was slobbery and stinky in there, but it didn’t have any teeth. I’d have been a goner for sure if it had teeth.”

The castle ogre bravely attempted to rescue the prince and found himself in the clutches of the troll as well.

The troll soon tossed him to the side and returned to the prince, apparently fixated upon his royal head.

Many brave knights suffered terrible injuries in their attempt to rescue him.

It seemed as though their actions were having an impact upon the troll but then they realized that it simply had a hairball.

Eventually the troll seemed to tire and wandered away from the castle.

While this incident was without fatalities it has analysts concerned for the future safety of the castle. It seems that the newly enforced safety measures are not effective against troll attack. One castle insider, who wishes to remain anonymous, asserted that this was not a surprise attack as the king and queen have long been aware of the presence of trolls in the land but had failed to put any safe guards in place that could protect the people of the castle from rampaging trolls.

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