Love is sometimes silly.

I was going through my photos the other day and noticed a few that don’t remember taking. I realized that my kids had been playing with my camera, which would explain why the battery ran out last week. I found these taken of the Girl by her brother. I love the second one because it captures the sheer brilliance of the Girl whan she is being silly, and the fun they were having together. Sibling love is one of the greatest gifts. They will be with each other long after “best friends” have come and gone hundreds of times. I am glad that they like each other these kids of mine.

let me take your picture
little sisHappy Love Thursday

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One thought on “Love is sometimes silly.

  1. How adorable!

    This makes me wish I had a sibling (especially since my best friend, who was like my sister, has left and it’s left a huge unquenchable void).

    It also makes me wish I was a mom, so that I have moments like these with my kids.

    Your kids are so cute, and so fun!

    Thanks for sharing.

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