My Little Sister

Hey guess what everyone. I have siblings. I know you’re shocked. I never write about them, this blog is all about me

That’s probably because they live so very far away from me and I never see them, and we rarely talk. They are busy people with careers and um…stuff, and are never next to their phone. But I have them, a younger brother, and a younger sister.

When I was a teenager my little sister and I would go and busk at fairs and street festivals and even craft sales. We picked up a little bit of cash, enough to keep us coming back. I was the more well trained musician, duh, I was older, and had a lot of lessons under my belt and some post secondary as well after a while. My sister was, well, she was just a natural talent. She could watch you do something and then repeat it back almost instantly. She did not thrive in a strict lesson type of environment, but she was good at this music thing. One summer I came home from university with my friend Jason’s guitar and these grand plans to learn to play it before I went back to school. Well, I learned some chords, could play a few songs, but I wasn’t very excited by the whole thing, and I had my double major in piano and voice to think about. (My prof. had assigned Rachmaninoff Etudes to learn that summer. If you don’t know the pain that is trying to play Rachmaninoff count yourself lucky or go and watch Shine.) My sister on the other hand spent hours strumming away at it and the rest is history.

She is largely a self taught guitarist, she writes all of her own songs, and she gets paid now to play for people and act in commercials. This summer she is touring with Bill Bourne (For all you non Canadians he’s a pretty famous Canadian folk singer who has won several Juno awards. What’s a Juno award? It’s like the Canadian Grammy Award. Yes we have our own little culture appreciation clubs in Canada and laws about percentages of Canadian content played on the radio so Canadian artists aren’t completely drowned out by the sheer volume emerging from the good ole’ US of A.) Anyway, she’s also a featured vocalist on his latest release and she’ll be opening for him in several places. So I’m just sharing because I’m proud of her and while she’s had several difficult things to deal with the past several years she hasn’t given up on her dream and it’s starting to work out.

Anyway, I just wanted to brag about my little sister(more songs here) and tell you to go here and listen to one of her latest songs.

Oh and she’s recorded a new album that’s somewhere in production right now.

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4 thoughts on “My Little Sister

  1. That’s wonderful! Good for her!!!!! 🙂
    I still think of her as a teenager….I guess i should stop now, eh? And I can take the credit for being the one to FIST say to you “*blink,blink* You have SIBLINGS?!?!” Remember that? Hee hee

  2. remember me? anika? funny how every decade or so since grade 4 i find you again. i’ve so enjoyed your blogs… you’ve got such a beautiful, honest way of writing. i just checked out laurelle’s music too. what talent! i can hardly wait till you post something about adrien so i can find out what genius medium he has chosen… wishing you a happy day, anika

  3. Wow, Hi Anika.

    It’s amazing to hear from you. I’d love to hear what you’ve been up to. Drop me at line at shelaughsatthedays at gmail dot com.

    AJ is a stunt man/fight choreographer now. He gets paid to fall from high places.

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