2 thoughts on “I won something WOOHOO!

  1. Carrien,

    The Cancer Crusaders Organization would like to send you a complimentary copy of SKIN SENSE. It’s the first children’s book (written for ages 3 and up) about sun safety and skin cancer prevention.

    Those pictures of the Baby Girl in her SunSavvy hat are too cute, and since I’ve been reading your Blog since even before was born (you were eight months pregnant with her), I would like to send you a copy of the book to read with your kids.

    Now, you can say you won TWO things.

    You can email me at info@cancercrusaders.org. You can also check out my Blog at http://onlyskindeepbook.blogspot.com

    My non-profit organization will be giving copies of this book to all the melanoma skin cancer foundations, but planned on selling the books (to raise funds) to individuals. Yet, I’d like to give a free copy to a SunSavvy mom. 🙂

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