sewing, and a giveaway

I’ve been enjoying reading some frugal and green living types of blogs the last few months. I’ve especially enjoyed the stuff on restyling and using what is already in your house to make what you need. So I have been having a bit of fun using what I have laying around the house to restyle into new things.

First there was the pinafore, born out of a desperate need to keep pretty dresses from being stained while still allowing the Girl to indulge in her desire for prettiness every. single. day. I made this out of an old sheet.

Then there was the princess/queen cape, made from the pretty end of an old silk sari I’ve been hanging on to.

And then there was the King cape, that used to be a bed sheet and will soon be followed by a knights tunic, though I may actually buy some leather to make that one because it’s probably going to be the Boy’s birthday present.

Anyway, I’m having fun doing this and it occurred to me the other day, maybe after I won that stroller and was wondering what kinds of things that I could give away, that perhaps, given the season and all, there may be some other little people out there who want some dress up capes and so I am hosting a contest.

If you would like a princess cape like this one leave a comment on this post. I will make the cape to fit the winner. I will leave it open until next Friday Sept. 28 at midnight pacific time. I’ll have one of my children draw the winner from a hat. The only rule is, you have to have a little girl who will wear it, she doesn’t even have to be yours. Feel free to spread this around and link back here. Next week we’ll do it all over again for the boys cape.

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10 thoughts on “sewing, and a giveaway

  1. Ooh, our little girl would also love it. She loves all things princess or ballerina.

    I also love the pinafore idea. E has a beautiful party dress, and would wear it everyday if she could.

  2. I have a little pwincess who would never take that cape off again! I want to know how to make the pinafore… we’d BOTH love her to have one of those.

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