I kind of wanted to do what everyone else is doing these days and post 30 pictures of everyday moments for a month. It’s called 30 tiny moments. But I’m not a camera at the ready type of gal and uploading everyday is something I don’t have that much time for. And I have yet to join flickr. And then Mary at Owlhaven started to record 15 minutes better as a way to remember to focus on the people in her family instead of all the tasks. And I really loved that idea too. So pardon me, I’m going to try and do both at once, with words.


I’m trying to get past the slight fog that has clouded the morning. I’ve lost all awareness of time. I can’t decide what to do next. I’ve lost my bearings. My routine is breaking down. I flit restlessly from one task to the next, none of them holding my attention for longer than a few minutes and there is a baby stalking my every step. She yells and reaches for everything my hands touch. She squirms, she wriggles, she screeches. I decide it’s nap time and carry her off to the bed room where the warm sun floods the bed and fresh air drifts in through the newly cracked window. It’s starting to feel like summer again.

She is happy to lay down next to me and I offer her a breast, hoping she’ll drift off. Instead she gets up and grins and starts to crawl around. I lay still, heavy limbs sinking into the down, melting in the sunshine, maybe I’ll take a nap. And then she is there, and she laughs into my face. I grab her and gently mouth the fleshy part of her upper arm, a sure fire way to illicit giggles. I tickle and she lays laughing on the bed, laughing louder when I stop, begging me with her laugh to do it one more time.

Our laughs draw the Girl in from her play dough and she commands me to try and get her when she runs past. This is her favorite game and she screams with delight as I catch her and drag her towards me, tickling as I do. Round and round goes teddy bear…scream…one step…giggle…two steps…now she’s belly laughing…TICKLE UNDER THERE!!

I willingly tickle as the baby stands laughing, just within reach. We are having so much fun.

The Boy, who has been having trouble figuring out his writing assignment shows me his latest attempt. He’s used a word with an ending, just not one of the endings he’s supposed to use, not the one I taught him. I catch the critical words before they form in my throat. I congratulate him on finding an ending we hadn’t discussed and trying to spell it himself. And then we talk about how he can improve it to include the assignment. He beams and tonight at dinner he tells his dad that he is good at writing. And then I beam.

My house was not at any moment today, including this one even close to clean. If fact, parts of it look like a closet just vomited on the floor because I was trying to sort clothes. Dinner was a hodgepodge of leftovers and the laundry waits. These golden moments happen in the middle of all that.

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