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Perfect Post Award 03.08

Well it’s the end of the month, which means that it’s time to tell you my favorite post of the month. I read Woulda Shoulda Coulda just about every day. Mir writes really well. She shares items from every day and makes them wonderfully entertaining to read, and she seems like a smart capable woman and a pretty great mom too. Well, sometimes she out does herself, as in this little missive directed toward her children. We all have those thankless days, but mir makes them funny.

Here’s a taste.

It is with a heavy heart and much regret that I feel the need to inform you of my decision to tender my resignation as Greatest Mother In The World…
I do thank you for the chance to be something more, but now that I’ve realized exactly how thankless this position really is, I’m afraid I am simply going to have to suggest that you get your own damn breakfast in the future.

So enjoy Picture it on pink paper.


I was trying to decide between mir’s post and this one by MaryP. I big puffy pink heart love this post, so much so that I have printed it out and put it on my fridge. Unfortunately she wrote it the last day of February and the instructions for the awards say, and I quote, “Choose your favorite post from the month of March.” See how march is in bold type like that? I for one am very intimidated by bold type instructions. So that made my decision easy. But… it’s an excellent post and if you are raising children you ought to read it. No really. It gives me hope.

Here’s a teaser.

Now, self-discipline is in some disrepute in this largely adolescent culture of ours. It’s associated with being a boring, dull nay-sayer. Who wants dreary, dull, no-no-no self-discipline?

People who know it’s self-discipline which separates the people who consistently wonder “why do these things keep happening to meeee?” from those who feel largely in control of their life, that’s who.

We are notoriously poor at teaching self-discipline to our children. We tend to see it as the grinding down of a child’s spirit, the steady encroachment on their personality, the ceaseless winnowing away of who they are into who they should be. It is not.

Read the rest here.


And last but certainly not least, I fully planned to submit this post for a perfect post award last month. But the end of the month crept up on me way to fast and I missed the deadline. I want to re read this post by Rae, the beautiful Journey Mama, over and over again. It is breathtaking just in the sheer scope of her magnanimity.

Here is the beginning.

To the people who have shared air with me, laughed, cried, been friends, been family, been iron against my iron. To the ones I’ve hurt, to the ones who have hurt me, to the ones who have given and given, to those who were enemies, to those who cut deeply, to those who offered their cupped hands filled with water, to those who gave sustenance, I want to tell you this:

Don’t do anything else today until you read the rest. Trust me, you will be blessed.

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  1. Thank you! When I say something counter-cultural like that, I never know just what the response will be. I’m not surprised that you enjoyed it. You strike me as one who, like me, is a principled parent — that is, one who parents from a set of principles rather than a list of rules.

    Hm. The distinction between “Rules” and “Principles”. That might make another post, perhaps?

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