7 weird things about me

So Tamra tagged me with this meme a long time ago. So long ago that she’s gone and had a baby boy since then. Congratulations are in order because he’s adorable, go give her some.

Here are the rules.

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2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
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1. My thumbs are double jointed.

2. I vomit silently. Once when I was pregnant I suddenly needed to vomit while in the kitchen. I held onto the island sink for dear life and retched and retched and my mother in law, who had her back to me, didn’t even realize I was puking until she turned around about to ask me a question. This often puts me in the strange situation of having people ask me to do things for them while I’m mid retch. Imagine throwing up and having someone casually ask you if you can make them a sandwich while you are doing it. It’s happened to me several times.

3.I used to dress up as a clown and make balloon animals and do magic tricks for little kids when I was a teen. No, I’ve not yet done this for my children. I don’t know if I ever will.

4. Lack of sleep makes me nauseous. Usually if I have to wake up earlier than I’m accustomed too, or in the middle of a sleep cycle I get an upset stomach. Then I have to sit there and clutch my stomach at some point to keep from vomiting. Am I the only person who does this? I’ve always wondered because it seems weird. I attribute it to hypoglycemia actually, but I don’t know if that’s accurate.

5. I think theology is really, really important. Because the way we think about God is the way we think about life, the universe, and everything. And the way we think about that affects the way we think about ourselves. And the way we think about ourselves affects the way we think about and relate to others. And the way we think about and relate to others affects the way we live our daily lives and affects our relationship with the planet. And all of this, collectively, makes up the world as we know it. You can tell a lot about a person from what they think, or don’t think about who God is.

6. My mother once moved in with my boyfriend after I broke up with him. Which was a fun fact to insert into conversations. The truth is we didn’t date that long, and we parted friends. We’re still friends actually, his wife’s name is Linda. He had just purchased his first house and needed renters at the same time that my mom and little sister needed to move while my parents were in divorce proceedings. My mom had already adopted him as one of her own anyway. He stayed in the basement and they rented the main part. But when I went home from university that summer I stayed with my dad for the first time in years. Because it seemed awkward to stay with my mom. Even though I spent the whole summer hanging out there anyway.

7. I still remember every sweet thing a guy ever did for me. Even the ones I didn’t really like or never dated. Like this one guy I was friends with made home made old fashioned ice cream with his grandma for me because I had never had it before. Home made that is. Every one say awwww! Or the guy who wrote me a three page letter in calligraphy with water color paintings accompanying it to ask me out. I said no. But I still remember him and the letter. Is that weird? Or the guy who brought me a rose when he picked me up to go to a party. Which is when I realized he thought it was a date. Oops. The point is, I remember them all. I think that may be kind of weird.

And a bonus ’cause I just remembered it. My photo albums are boring. They are full of pictures of people that I knew for 3 months and never saw again. I didn’t take cool pictures of places I’ve been just random people I’ve never seen again. My kids get bored looking at them. The GH on the other hand, has albums full of fun and interesting pictures of cool places and bugs and animals. I guess it helps that he traveled a lot more than I did before we were married. It’s a good combo for family albums. I make sure the people get in them, and he makes sure that the people are in interesting places when we take their picture. Haha.

Anyway, I mentioned before that I think almost everyone has done this meme already. And one person told me they hadn’t. So, consider yourself tagged if you haven’t done this yet and want to. And leave me a comment and I’ll come and read your 7 weird things too.

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