I must be about to travel

I have a giant zit in the middle of my face. I get one about every two years, if that. (I know, I’m lucky and should stop complaining.) But of course I get it just a few days before I have to see people I’ve not seen in a couple of years.

My kids are all sick, snot, coughing, waking in the middle of the night. It would be too easy to fly with a healthy baby after all. And it would be too easy top leave my happy healthy children with their grandma, not, while I’m gone. I need to leave them pathetic and needy instead, and bite back the desire to write detailed notes that would be entirely silly to write to a veteran mother of 8 about child care. (Please make sure they go to bed on time. You have to listen for the Girl at night, she wakes up crying and needs help to get to the bathroom. Make sure they take a nap. The Boy needs help finding his dry PJ’s if he wets. You need to wash his bedding because if it sits it will get stinky. Like she doesn’t already know these kinds of things, we sleep over every weekend.)

I think I’m getting my period. For the first time since I was pregnant with the Baby. Because nothing says fun like needing to change a tampon in the middle of an airport or train station bathroom while keeping a toddler from running off, crawling on the grimy floor, or licking anything. And while keeping an eye on the bags.

I find myself eying the open suitcases and the calender and wishing I could skip ahead to Friday, after the plane has landed and all of the work is done. Or alternately, just stay in bed and skip this trip altogether.

I am wrapping 11 toys. Well, and 11 piece tea set for the girl and a sections of a 100 piece puzzle for the boy so that they can open one each day that I am gone and count down until I return. When the last present is opened they’ll know I am on my way home. And I’m writing 11 letters for the Boy to read to the Girl and himself. It’s like I’ve forgotten that they have telephones in Canada and I’ll be talking to them every single day.

I’m procrastinating some more by writing this blog post.

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2 thoughts on “I must be about to travel

  1. Oh I hope you have such a good time!! Even with all the stuff to figure out now.
    I know exactly what you mean about traveling and wanting to skip ahead until it’s done. Last week I flew by myself with our 3 year old and 5 month old. It went really well, all things considered, but still a long trying day!!
    It’s so great you have a good and true Mom to leave your oldest 2 with!

  2. So much to do. I’m going on a business trip next week and am freaking out. Business casual attire – what in the h*ll is that? Tomorrow I have to shop for clothes. Clean the house because my parents are coming to watch the kids. Write out their schedules. I’d just as soon stay home. ;o)

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