A Mother’s Prayer

Dear God,

I try not to complain very often. Well, we both know I’m failing miserably at that, and fail often, but you know I’m trying, and that’s something isn’t it. And I’m deeply grateful for these children you gave me. Without them life would be an empty and desolate wasteland. They are the joy of my days.

Do you think that it’s asking to much to pray that for just one day this week I don’t have to clean up their pee? I don’t know what’s happened to them. On top of the night wetting, which one or the other has done all week long, they keep missing the toilet. Lord, only thou knowest how this is possible. They’ve been potty trained for years, they sit upon the toilet, and yet spray upon the floor. It is a deep and unsearchable mystery to me, and I’m getting rather tired of cleaning it up. I know, I just got an 11 day vacation from all things pee and poo related, except for the Baby’s diapers, which I’m not counting. See how I’ve grown? But instead of feeling more on top of things since I’ve returned, I continue to be shocked by the sheer magnitude of urine these children are capable of producing, and the creative variety of ways in which this urine seems to become my problem.

I’m just asking for one day. One whole day with my children and free of the smell of pee would be heavenly. Maybe we could even make it a weekly thing?


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3 thoughts on “A Mother’s Prayer

  1. ROFL…oh, Carrien! You sound like me! We just got back (we being myself and my two kidlets, with hubby staying home to work and having a break from us all) from a 5-day trip to Toronto, the one I talked about way back in my blog somewhere when we got the huge deal. Somehow, my little guy, who has been potty trained for around 8 months now without episode (or the rare one), suddenly forgets that he is supposed to go to the potty BEFORE he explodes in a gush of yellow fury…and even when he does make it, he seems to have made an invisible target on the bathroom wall…or the seat…or pretty much anywhere but the desired bull-eye. My brain makes me smell that smell just typing about it. [sigh]

  2. Ack! Your house too? What IS it with pee and children? My little guy, who has been doing GREAT up till now, has suddenly begun to spray all over when he goes. Every time I walk into the bathroom I have to wipe up big puddles.

    Hey, you came to mind today when I was writing…. 🙂 (You’ll see what I mean)
    I think you were the lone voice of reason at that time/place. Kudos to you. I didn’t stumble on the conversation until well after it was over, or I would’ve joined forces with you. Ha!

  3. I’m so glad I found your blogs. You have a beautiful writing style.

    I’m trying to get my littlest to give up diapers, but I think there’s going to be a lot of pee spread before I do. As it is, he sits on the toilet, says he’s done and then get’s in the bath and pee’s on his brother.

    It’s a work in progress.

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