The Paradox of 4

She wants to help me sort through clothes. We eliminate every thing that the Baby has out grown and then the real fun begins. She wants to go through her old clothes and find things to give to the Baby. There is a denim jumper with pink buttons and kitty cats on the front that fits and she wants to put it on her right now. We negotiate a wait until tomorrow.

This morning while I am in the shower she changes the baby’s diaper all by herself, and gets her dressed in the little jumper. They are both so pleased with themselves as we sit down to breakfast.

And then, she dumps the milk from her porridge bowl all over the the Baby’s head, wetting the dress as well.


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One thought on “The Paradox of 4

  1. Dont you love those girls!!! hahaha sounds like a fun mess to clean up! Change clothes how many times a day??? Miss you guys!


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