And the Winners Are…

I really wanted to have the store ready by now. But alas, there is much that is time consuming about this whole business besides web design. Especially when I don’t know what I’m doing.:)

I really wanted to have the store done by now because then when I announced the winners of the draw I could say, “Now go on over to the store and choose your favorite bag and I’ll mail it to you.”

Because really, how are you going to choose your favorite bag if you can’t even look at them?

But I will let you know who you are you lucky few who someday, when I have a store ready for you to look at, will get to choose one. I promise it will be done by September somehow, I hope.

So, the first names of the lucky winners are, selected by random number generator,…. da dum dum…

Balaji and Melody.

I have your email addresses, so as soon as it’s ready I’ll let you know and you can choose your prize.

I’ve not yet made a draw from the people who linked back to the original post. I’ll do that tomorrow. So if you linked, and you didn’t use a permalink or send me an email, and you want in on the draw, you have to let me know right away, in the comments is fine. I’ll also be linking back to everyone in tomorrow’s post so you can see who linked.

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