Sweet nothings

So last night we were talking about an upcoming post that I am working on for Blissfully Wed. And that led to one of those way too late at night “talks”. The kind that my husband likes to describe as me telling him what he’s doing wrong. It’s not that far off. Yeah, smack me.

No really. And I didn’t mean for it to go that way, truly I didn’t, and I kept trying to end it so he could go to sleep, and it kept going anyway. And in the end he said what may be one of the sweetest thing ever said in the history of marriages.

“I acknowledge that I’m an asshole. And clearly, I always have, still, and will love you.”

I had to write that down somewhere to remember the next time I get upset about water far under the bridge and throw it downstream after it so I don’t keep trying to haul it all back and examine it again.

I really am blessed to have him.

But that’s not at all what today’s post is about. Go and check it out to find out what it’s about today.

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3 thoughts on “Sweet nothings

  1. ROFL!
    So NOT what I expected to read!
    Truly, they are words that are sweet to a wife’s ears. 🙂

  2. Hoo boy! Am I ever guilty of THOSE! Poor guy with my late night talks. I can so hear MY husband saying something like that out of sheer frustration. 🙂 He probably has, and I’ve been so wound up that I just keep going. :-s

  3. That’s funny. And I well know those late night talks with my husband looking all sad and defeated and me and my big lists. WHoo, boy.

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