4:30 in the morning

I’ve just brought the Jedi costume to a place where he can put the thing on and wear it and it looks right. I’d like to finish a few seams and sew up some matching trousers but, it’s stupid late, and the sewing machine started making a clunking sound a few minutes ago, which is why I’ve decided to stop. Don’t want the Baby to wake up again.

The GH blew up balloons earlier this evening and just as I was finished tacking them up everywhere, about 10 minutes ago, he came out of the bed room.

“Hey, what are you doing up?” I asked.

“He looked at me, his face all sleep befuddled and pale, “I’m wet.”

“Hey, why are there balloons?”

“Well they’re supposed to be a surprise for when you wake up in the morning.”

His face cracks a bit, with that wry sort of grin I am coming to love. “Okay mom,” he says, in a joking tone, “I’ll try to forget when I go back to sleep.”

And then I shooed him into the shower while I finished putting them up.

I decided, eventually, eying the Santa Ana’s all the while, that we could plan something. And so, tomorrow after school, when all the kids come over to our house we are going to try and make ice cream following Chris’s directions. (Shoot, I forgot to get spoons. Arrgh!)

And then one of the neighbors decided she need to bring cupcakes too, and a few of the teenage girls get off school early tomorrow and will be here to help me get things set up.

And, Megan is in town for three days only, and she will bring the Boy’s “favorite ever friend” C over to play all afternoon, and then she offered to take us out for pizza. I think it will be a fun day.

On Friday we go to the in-laws and take a Jedi cake, and Saturday is the costume party at church.

So I may not get the next installment of our love story up today. There are 4 posts in my head that I want to write right now. But I’m going to go and hope for at least 4 hours of sleep instead. Wish me luck.

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