Milking the Weekend for all it’s worth-how we all got sunburnt

So, this was last weekend, but there is no way you would know the difference if I hadn’t told you. I just feel compelled to let you know. My camera needed batteries which is why I bring you last weekend today.

We finally went camping.
(Apparently when you are camping you must bring along your blaster guns and pretend to be stormtroopers.)

All year the kids have been obsessed with the idea of camping again. But camping in the summer here is just crazy talk.

Way too hot. And we’ve been way too busy.

So last Friday we packed up all the gear and met for our regular Friday night family dinner at a local campsite. And then we spent the night in a tent and went hiking the next day.

My head in the clouds girl.

And because that wasn’t exciting enough, we packed up and came home in time to make dinner for guests that evening.

It rained all night, for the first time in months. So when the morning dawned grey and cloudy my Canadian self broke out the sweaters and made sure we would all be nice and warm for our day at church, then a birthday party, and then the Miramar airshow. For the first time this year I didn’t make sure that we all had hats and sun screen before we left the house.

You know how this ends don’t you? It was a fine sunny, although breezy SoCal day, and we all got burnt.
The GH was in a bit of pain after holding them up to see the planes for a while.

But it was fun.

Except when a particularly loud fly by scared the Baby.
But then when it was over we went to look at big military vehicles to wait out the traffic that was leaving. And that’s when my fascination with the juxtaposition of cute innocence with military might began.

The Girl in a gunner’s seat.

The Baby in a cargo plane.

The Boy in the cockpit.

And the hot man that takes me places.
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  1. Great pictures! Baby is getting so BIG!! oh my gosh! I cant wait until the beginning of the new year!! Good luck with the fires! I dont miss that!

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