1000 Gifts-Week 15

The gifts they keep coming. Too fast for me to even catch and record them all. Mine is a life filled with endless bounty.

Whether I pause to notice them or not, the gifts always flow and flood in the spaces around what I think is important. And so I”m trying to catch a few. To hold them appreciatively as I rush about my life.

The smell of sea air on the breeze, just faint enough to cause me to breath deep to identify it.

Scent of rain on damp concrete.

A two year old trying to belly dance.

The sound of the Girl singing to herself from the back seat.

Time with friends.

A husband who is humble.

Learning how to motivate the Boy so that he feels that I believe he is capable instead of “helping” in a way that accidentally tears him down.

Warm tea while snuggled against the damp cold.

The pleasure of intelligent conversation.

Quiet evenings at home after all the kids are asleep.

A phone call from my best friend in China.

Peace in the middle of so many overwhelming things.

The gratitude community is here.

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