1000 Gifts-Week 16

You know, sometimes there are things that I choose to give thanks for, even if I don’t feel particularly thankful for it. Often the choice to give thanks in spite of my feelings is all that it takes to tip the balance in my heart toward genuine gratitude.

For example, the one gallon bag of Polly Pocket toys that a friend’s daughter unloaded on the Girl last week. There are tiny little plastic shoes all over my house now and there have been the inevitable siblings fights over various tiny little plastic doll dresses. But, they have been entertained by these things for hours, on rainy days. They are using their imaginations, they are cooperating, and it is one more thing that they will remember and enjoy the memory of that I didn’t have to buy for them. And they don’t take up very much space when we put them away. What’s not to be thankful for?

Also this week…

The Genius Husband complimenting me several times a day. [me like, a lot]

The first cherry blossoms are starting to bloom on the trees nearby.

Pretty pretty presents from India from my MIL.

I’m excited that my dad is coming to visit this week for a while.

I’m also really glad that I can be excited about this visit because long time readers will know that a few years ago it felt more traumatic than exciting when he was nearby. I’m so grateful for the healing the last few years have held.

When my husband loads the dishwasher unasked while I’m otherwise engaged.

When he helps to herd the children through the post dinner bed routine as well.

(I’m feeling pretty fond of the GH this week. Can you tell?)

A web designer with some very pretty site designs in his portfolio who has offered to help make the charis project site more pretty.

That after a long gestation we have actually set up a child sponsorship program to take care of all those kids who live every day in crisis.

Safe return of family members from the other side of the world.

Snow on the mountain. It’s so pretty, and rare to see down here.

The way the falling rain encloses us inside our cozy house like a curtain of gray between us and everything else.

The kid’s Sunday school teacher told me they are the only sibling group he has ever had that don’t fight. He’s never seen them fight amongst themselves. I know that they do fight with each other at home, but I also know, and am grateful for the fact, that they are more often friends than not.

The dimples in a toddler’s elbow.

When friends smile a greeting, even if we’re both too busy to stop and talk.

The gratitude community is here.

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