Come One, Come All

So my dad is in town for a few days, and we’re cramming as much fun as is possible into them. Including a baby dedication for Little at church on Sunday. Usually these things are done when they are, well, babies. But we like to mix things up around here and wait until they are two. No, actually we were looking for a time when one or two of my side of the family would be around, and then we forgot, and then we remembered and scheduled it and then realized he would be here at the same time. Which is super cool.

And then on Sunday evening some really good friends are detouring on their trip to Disneyland to come and see us for a while. I talked a lot about Sea World, and the San Diego Zoo, and Legoland, and the Wild Animal Park, and the world class beaches and museums and attractions when I begged them to come. So I think it’s really nice of them to spend a few days of their Califonia vacation just spending it with boring old us, looking at beaches and aquariums and exotic animals and stuff. I’m really glad the rain stopped too, because it would be a cruel joke for people who live in Vancouver, where it rains ALL THE TIME to fly all the way down here and be stuck in our requisite one week of miserable weather.

The kids attacked my dad when he walked in the door the first night. “Grandpa Shane, Grandpa Shane, Grandpa Shane.”

He has been climbed on, jumped on, run after, and Little shrieks with jealousy when ever he or I isn’t paying direct attention to her.

I think they’re glad he’s here too. I think he’s going to be exhausted by the time he leaves and need another vacation. Good thing he plans to head out into the desert for a few months and camp and paint.

I really like it when people come to visit. Even when I feel like I need a vacation after they go.

So I’m entertaining a bit more than I’m writing. Hope you don’t mind.

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