1000 Gifts-Week 20

The last few days have reminded me how truly blessed I am to be married to the Guy I am married to. I’ve been around men who make fun of their wives, who work full time to support them and their children while they do nothing, a neighbor’s alcoholic husband was arrested for identity theft because he pretended to be someone else to get out of a traffic ticket. I suppose compared to these sleazeballs it’s not hard to be a better husband, so perhaps I don’t flatter him that much, but I’m grateful he’s so unlike them nonetheless.

Then there us the woman who spoke to me on the weekend who confided that in her 16 year first marriage she never once had a pleasurable reaction to sex. She didn’t even know it was possible. Again, I’m grateful that my husband is nothing like hers. usually the things I notice aren’t framed by such negative connotations. But sometimes it takes that for me to stop and consider what great gifts are right in front of me. And always have been.

  • Little babbling words, pointing at everything and calling the names out loud. I find real pleasure in watching her go through all of these learning stages.
  • That she is now asking me to take her to the potty so she can poo is also pretty cool.
  • The glimpses I catch of the Girl’s wildly creative mind at work, either in play or while making things.
  • That I am not so silly as I once was. Perhaps one day, in several years, I will be truly wise.
  • A chat with my sister who is now expecting a baby. She sounds really happy and peaceful in her new life.
  • Love Me Tender sung by Nora Jones I love her voice, and every time I hear this song this week I am moved to tears.
  • The peace that comes from knowing that I don’t have to have it all figured out. I just need to know what to do next.
  • The way the Boy’s blue, blue eyes light up when he smiles.

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