Elbow Grease Isn’t Cutting It.

The Girl’s latest passion is hearts. She draws heart shapes, she cuts out heart shapes, she colors heart shapes. So many hearts have we around here that even Little will point out a heart to me and exclaim, “Howt mama, howt.” So I knew exactly who it was that took a ball point pen and doodled multiple hearts on the table bench this morning while I was in the shower.

As part of her consequences she had to clean it up. She had to get it all clean before she was allowed to paint. Oh did she ever want to paint. I left her with some vinegar and a scrubby sponge, hoping that since vinegar works so well to get pen off of skin it might have similar effect on weathered paint. She told me a little while later that soap was working.

It was very quiet, and that should have alerted me.

Three hours, 1/4 of a bottle of dish soap, a sodden floor, several soaking wet rags, and the determined use of a scrub brush later, the bench is cleaner than it has ever been. It literally gleams. She really worked hard.

But the hearts are still there.

Anyone know how to clean up ball point pen scribbles?

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6 thoughts on “Elbow Grease Isn’t Cutting It.

  1. try hair spray. It takes it right out of clothing, not sure if it would react to paint somehow but maybe try a spot test first? I too, love magic erasers, haven’t tried them on pen personally but wouldn’t be surprised if that works too.

  2. I’ve never tried it for pen, but toothpaste works great on crayon…you could give it a try…it’s cheap:)

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