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During what I now refer to as the great computer death of 2009, which is an ongoing saga of not having my own working computer anymore, Beck tagged me for the Around the World meme started by “Her Bad Mother and her friend David“. And since I heart Beck, and I can actually think of something to say about this meme, I’m going to participate.

I’m supposed to list my 5 favorite things about being a mom.

1.) That moment in the middle of the night when they wake up in a panic and I can soothe them back to sleep with just a touch and a comforting murmur of assurance. I love the way my hand on their back or the sound of my voice has the power to make everything all right for them again when they are little.

2.) Watching a child discover or do something for the first time. Sometimes there are moments, just sitting on the floor with them watching them stack blocks, or make pretend food for me to sample in play dishes, or write their name for the first time, that I am so aware and present in the moment that my body starts to tingle a bit. Kind of weird I know, but neat.

3.) Getting to know their emerging personalities, quirks, humor. Those moments when they act just like a person, only smaller.

4.) Those golden moments when they all play together, are kind to each other, and seem to really like being together.

5.) That somehow this colossal task of needing to help these short people somehow grow up into adults, who will have all the skills and life training necessary to make it on their own, has caused me to grow up myself.

6.) The GH wants me to list making them in the first place. Which is true, but kind of goes without saying I think.

So now I get to tag people. I tag…

Journey Mama who is in northern India with her husband and 4 kids right now.
Embejo in New Zealand
The Hojos who started out in the UK an are now in Australia
My best friend Chantelle who is in Niger with her family
and Adam, in Thailand, who is another friend irl whom we are looking forward to hanging out with when we get there. I guess you can write about being a dad. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Around the World in 80 Clicks

  1. Thanks for tagging me in a mother meme 😉 That’s okay though. The longer I do this job, the more I realize I’m an anomaly: a father by profession.

  2. Thanks for the tag..will get to it. Just having a wee think. Also, just wanted to thank you for your comment on my blog…so nice to know *someone* is on the same page as me…. sometimes I feel like most people are not. Hee hee Feels like they put up with me as though it’s just a phase and my obsession about the poor will go away when I get tired of it. I pray it doesn’t. Now that I know what I know I can’t just forget it.

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