Of teeth, toilets, and other boring stuff.

Um hi. You still here? I’ve been uh, busy. Birthday parties, the Girl has tummy trouble, friends moving away for good, and finding out just exactly how much it will cost to fix the Boy’s jaw so his teeth come in straight. (Hint: less than a car payment…but more than we pay for the dental insurance that doesn’t cover orthodontia.)

I’m not getting into a write during the day groove at all. I used to post in the evening, after the kids were asleep and I had the mental space to compose sentences. Now that I share with the GH, he uses his laptop at night, and I get it during the day. Slow to adapt, that’s me.

I have a 1000 Gifts list coming soon though.

Tomorrow my MIL is taking my children to Sea World. That means I’m child free for several hours. The GH and I are even going to go out for lunch, by ourselves. Of course, they were originally supposed to go today, which was how I was going to recover from the week of tummy trouble and busyness and get the house caught up before friends come for dinner tonight. Time for plan B, which involves compelling small children to scrub out the toilets.

(Actually, last night while I was brushing my teeth, I heard a suspicious splashing sound next to me. As I had already taken out my contacts I couldn’t tell exactly what was going on for a second. Little had her hand in the toilet bowl and was wiping it out with toilet paper. “I clean mama!” she exclaimed, with a brilliant smile, while I gagged a thousand times and washed her hands just about as many. Sweet and disgusting all at once. Only a two year old can manage that.)

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