Busy, Very, Very, Busy

I finished the flower girl dresses last night. Hooray! They look so cute. I’m sort of impressed with myself. Just don’t look too close because toward the end I just fudged a bunch of places rather than finishing it properly. But you can’t tell by looking.

In other news, the Boy and Girl are both coughing horribly and sound like they are drowning toward the end of long nights. I’m hoping they quit by Sunday. Otherwise I’m trying to figure out a strategy by which they walk down the aisle, it’s outside, and then spirit them away so that they don’t cough on everyone and everything. Which will be miserable. Boo.

The GH has been home for the past few weeks as work has slowed way down. It looks like it’s only temporary, but it will make for a tighter summer than we had hoped. On the plus side, it’s great to have him around, and we have gotten so much of the paper work and planning done for the next phase of The Charis Project. He’s taken the kids swimming every day as well, which means they are all better swimmers than they were a week ago, he’s that good at teaching them. And he’s great at zesting limes.

Today I do the prep work for making enough cake to feed 200 people. That includes zesting 8 whole bags of key limes and juicing half of them. I will be thinking of nothing but cake for the next 3 days.

I’ll be forced to take a break though, because Friday night we have dinner plans, and Saturday night is the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. In a way this is perfect, because then I can just focus on cake, not cooking. But there are those pesky details of grooming children and driving places to deal with. Sunday I will hopefully turn all this yummy stuff into something pretty as well. I promised it would taste great,which is does. I made no guarantees about appearance. Making food pretty is the gene that passed from my mother to my sister, and only barely grazed me as it passed by. Wish me luck.

Hope you all have a great weekend. I promise I will try to get good pictures of everything so you can see ours.

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