If I were a better blogger…

…I would post every day to start with. Not these fits and gaps that I’ve been doing. Seriously, has it been 6 days since I last posted? It seems like yesterday.

…I would pick up on the frugal trend lately and post about how to patch holes in clothing, as I have been doing, or turn pants into shorts when they get too short.

…I could start a how to make a wedding cake series, complete with pictures tips and recipes. I would be showing you the test taste that is right now cooling on the table so that I can experiment with the blackberry flavored white chocolate ganache between the layers of the key lime flavored Italian Cream Cake. And I would show you pictures of the fresh flower decorations and icing bags and all.

…I would be letting my readers in on the walk through the gospel of Matthew that I’ve been taking with my mentoree the past few months. I could write a weeks worth of posts alone on what we discuss every Sunday over tea. My favorite moment was two weeks ago when we reached the end and she said, “I didn’t really expect it to be that interesting.”

…I would show you how I’m sewing sashes and underlay to two Target sundresses to make them the cutest flower girl dresses ever.

…(I could show you the other sundresses I plan to make, but I haven’t had time yet.)

…I could put up a picture of the bunk beds the GH built for the kids and I painted, and the princess curtains in progress on the bottom bunk for the Girl.

…I would put more pictures in my posts.

…I would find time to read all of yours and leave comments.

Alas, I am a very bad blogger, and don’t expect to improve any time soon. I can’t figure out how to do all that stuff, and still have time to write about it. Thank you all for sticking with me any way. I’m off to ice a cake.

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7 thoughts on “If I were a better blogger…

  1. I'll take what I can get, but I really would like to see the cake and sundresses if you get any photos at the wedding!

  2. dear carrien,

    you are the most beautiful mother inside and out … your posts bless the socks off of me! you encourage me b/c your life is like mine – the beauty of the normal, the mama-life, and full + abundant. there is not always time to share, but when you get the chance to express your heart, we grow out here in blogging-land. thank you, loving you through my prayers,

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