9 Years Ago

This picture, taken at a wedding a few weeks ago cracks me up. We are so totally not cool. We are having a lot of fun.

9 years ago today I married the man I knew was the one for me. He’s stayed by me through better and worse. (And I gave him a lot of worse in the beginning.) He’s supported, encouraged, taught, and corrected when needed. I know that I owe a lot of who I am today to who he is, his patience, and firm belief that I am strong, that I can be more, even when I wasn’t so sure.

A smile and a kind word from him still makes my day. I love working with him, I love parenting with him, I love the life we have together. I’m glad that most of the time he still likes me.

And he seems to be getting hotter as he ages, though that could just be me.

Happy Anniversary hon. I love you more now than I even thought was possible back then.

The photo above was taken by Courtney, the lovely bridesmaid in this photo with the Girl. Her mom took our engagement photos, and now she is grown up and married and lovely and taking pictures too. I had this photo scheduled for Wordless Wednesday today before I realized what day it was. It’s fitting don’t you think?

My beautiful sister in law took this photo. I love it so much.

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9 thoughts on “9 Years Ago

  1. <3!!!! Happy Anniversary! I love you all. I'm so happy i've been around long enough to see your life together begin and continue to grow and florish.
    when i saw the picture of the girl and i the first time, i almost cried. =)

  2. Happy Anniversary!
    You know I was there in Mexico when you and GH first met. Gh is pretty awesome but he scored "big time" too,
    when he got "the gift of you". It seems like I just got used to you and GH being married and parents. Now it's sinking in that my girl is married and now MWR.
    I love the picture of the girls too. Courtney has always had a heart for children.
    I love you Carrien and your beautiful family.

    Courtney's Mom

  3. Happy Anniversary!!!!! 🙂
    It's sometimes hard to believe it's been that long!
    Congratulations, and here's to at least 65 more! (Because I want to dance at your 75th wedding anniversary party) 😀

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