In Search of a Red Tent

A long time ago my MIL and I somehow got on the topic of Old Testament law. Particularly the bits about a woman being unclean during her menstrual cycle. I said something about how that seems so archaic and unfair to women.

“Unfair!” she responded. “Think about it. While you are hormonal and holding rags or straw between your legs to catch your blood, you don’t have to cook for, fetch water for, clean up after, or even be around your husband or any of your children who are old enough to not be nursing. You get to leave and spend a few days outside of the camp resting, all by yourself, or with a few other women, until your period is over. That sounds really great to me.”

All that to say, I could really use a red tent right about now.

Once again, Tamra’s way ahead of me. Check out her idea. I want to be her neighbor.

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6 thoughts on “In Search of a Red Tent

  1. When you put it like it, it sounds really appealing…..the break that is, not the period!!!!!

    A required monthly r&r!

    Cheers, Wilma

  2. I've never read the Red Tent, but it sounds good.
    I have a monthly gathering based loosely on that idea. Can't do it during everyone's period obviously, so I have it on the new moon.

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