Multitude Monday-2

holy experience

  • I won free carpet cleaning last week. So when this round of illness is done I don’t have to worry about the traces of it sitting in the rug.
  • Little, in her tired little croaky sick voice saying, “Ganku (thank-you) mama”, when I get her water in the middle of the night. Sad but sweet.
  • Two out of 3 kids are on the mend. I’m still cleaning up vomit, but less frequently, and they are sleeping through the night at last.
  • A very long full body massage from my Genius Husband, who once trained as a massage therapist. I had no idea that my muscles were that sore and tired. I feel much better now.
  • The smell of trees. I know, I say it a lot. But not a day goes by when I don’t, at least once, stop and take a deep breath and savor the scent of green growing things around me. It’s one of those pleasures that is so simple, and simply wonderful.
  • Cool breezes on warm days.
  • Odd looking seed pods on the side of the road.
  • The sight of a child who is ill in those rare moments when they have the energy to play again giggling with excitement.
  • The satisfaction that comes with getting something done, and knowing I did it well.
  • Machines that do laundry. Even though I have to walk a ways to get to them. Imagine cleaning up all of this mess by hand.
  • This poem makes me smile.
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