1000 Gifts-Week 37

holy experience

Foggy nights that smell like the Canadian Rockies.

All of the family that pitched in to throw the Boy a great party.

His face when he saw his new Star Wars shirt.

Work this week after a 3 week dry spell.

Good friends.

The way Aaron can always make me laugh.

Crisp fall mornings mixed with the scent of woodsmoke.

Birds at the feeder.

A sister in law who will drive me around on all of my birthday party errands.

A second hand chair for $5 at the first thrift store I went to after saying, “I need to buy a $5 chair somewhere to replace this broken desk chair.”

Unexpected beauty.

Little putting on her “pitty dwess to dance” when I am playing Moonlight Sonata.

Watching Aaron and Hannah working together on her homework and laughing at calculus questions.

Stifled giggles with someone who shares my sense of humor.

Boy-I should be more responsible now that I am 8.

Watching the Boy build all of his new presents and talk nonstop about them.


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One thought on “1000 Gifts-Week 37

  1. I found all the components for costumes at Goodwill last weekend, and many of them can be worn as regular clothes later. You'd have thought I'd inherited the Hope Diamond, it so made my day.

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