One Thousand Gifts-Week 36

Little smiling as she moves in her sleep.

Three little girls walking abreast down the sidewalks. Each pushing her baby doll in a toy stroller.

The Boy nonchalantly performing a series of jumps on his scooter.

The Girl racing behind him, attempting the same.

Little tell stories like this, “Wemembah when we go Sea Wowd? We see dawphins and dey spwash us. Wemembah dat, Mommy? Wemembah?”

My kids all singing the same hymn, with many wild personalized variations, while playing with toys.

The Boy-Yes mommy, I would be happy to do that. Was that good mom, that I said it like that? Because I wanted to be helpful and obey fast.

Aaron calling me to tell me about something he’s really excited about.

The Girl, while looking at a book of mazes-Oh, this one looks challenging.
(We all exchange meaningful glances over her five year old head so she won’t notice us laughing at how adorable it is to hear her use such words so unselfconsciously.)

The impromptu girl band that sprang up at Beema’s house last Friday thanks to a Coldplay song, and Hannah’s presence to translate the piano score into a bass line for Ana. It was a lot of fun to play together.

The gratitude community is here.

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