holy experience

The Girl and Little working together to “make me pretty” by brushing my hair, putting in clips, and putting on all of my necklaces at once.

The starlit sky framed by palm fronds.

Little-Do you want to pway dis game wif me mama?

The Boy’s when he smiles.

The Girl laughing while telling me about the dream she just woke up from and thought was real.

Boys swinging swords, practicing to be heroes.

A relaxing, post church beach adventure with friends and family. Perfect temperature, warm, but not hot.

The way waves catch and reflect sunlight in a ceaseless dance of light.

Caves etched in sandstone by waves and tides, inverted trenches with rippling walls as smooth as glass.

I forgot how much fun a game of catch with a frisbee can be.

The Girl singing a new song in the backseat of the car, joyfully off key.

Thousands of tiny, perfect shells smaller than a fingertip.

The love of a husband.

Watching the faces of kids who have seen too much, too young, light up as they have fun.

Remembering that God doesn’t abandon us when we make mistakes, and he’s not surprised by them either.

(This week I started an experiment. I have such a twitter habit anyway, I started noting gifts in my twitter feed with the hashtag #onethousandgifts. I found I’m catching more things this way, recording them before they slip away. I like the idea of using twitter as place to also give thanks for what He has done, and to join together in doing it. If you want to join just tweet what you’re thankful for and add the hashtag at the end.)

You can find the rest of the gratitude community here.

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  1. A thankful heart – how God delights in that!!!! So often we forget to give thanks – even thanks for just the gift of life, and especially for the gift of Jesus.

    Love your heart!