holy experience

A quiet night at home, just me and my little girl.

Silly buns with friends.

Watching Little lay out the cards for a game of memory. The level of concentration is astounding.

My kids all singing together, “Twinkle twinkle little star”.

Laughter from the bathroom where they’re supposed to be brushing their teeth.

Little money for groceries. But there are free guava everywhere around here. They use the trees for landscaping. The Girl loves to pick them and bring them home to eat.

Quiet children, heads bent in concentration, diligently working on their writing assignments.

Man humming a tune as he sorts laundry.

I let Little walk to visit a friend this week by herself while I watched across the courtyard until she reached the door safe. She looked behind her at least three times as she crossed, to make sure I was still watching, before waving goodbye at the door.

Those little hard and sweet fall apples that smell amazing.

Walking all together, no agenda, just walking all together outside. And climbing a bunch of stuff too.

Hugs from my Boy that he doesn’t break.

Lavender flowers in my tea.

That concentration.

My lovely SIL.

Dinner with friends. Good food, good wine, good conversation.

Little-‘Mommy, you cute!’


Long talks with the man I love.

The gratitude community is here.

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