The Weekend in Pictures

This is a gratuitous photo post. Mostly for the grandparents who are in Canada. Here you go. Here are pictures like I promised.

Birthday dinner.
Auntie Kallee made her paper dolls.

Beema makes each of them a blessing quilt. The squares are decorated by family members and friends with blessings for the child. She sews it all together into a quilt. This one came to Canada with me when I went two years ago. So it has blessings from my side of the family on it too. She finally finished it.

Auntie Ana crocheted her this bear in a day.

Stages of the princess cake.

I had my mom on speaker phone during the last stages of decorating this. Which is funny, since she made me so many when I was little. It was not going well for a while.

See mom, it turned out alright.

Dad, this is the gift you bought for her. (wink, wink. I remembered to give her the card. I think she likes it.)

Now I have a fairy party to throw together by 3pm tomorrow for the Girl. I’m going to be a bit busy for a while here. Catch you later.

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4 thoughts on “The Weekend in Pictures

  1. Your 2 girls must be days apart? Beautiful pictures. I've never seen a princess cake, what an awesome idea, and I love the blessing blanket.

    Happy birthday both to Little and the Girl.

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