One Thousand Gifts-Week 42

holy experience

A little boy at the edge of a soccer field slowly inching his cleats deeper and deeper into a large puddle while the grown ups were distracted.

Gingerbread scented candles.

The way the Boy’s face near exploded with excitement when I asked him if he’d like to learn how to cook. 

Twinkling lights I have yet to take down.

Little sitting on the couch in her pajamas, cradling her doll and singing, “My baby, my baby…”

Reading George MacDonald’s The Princess and the Goblins to my thoroughly enchanted children.

The Boy made lunch, Little peeled carrots, and the Girl set the table. Working together to get a meal on the table.

The Boy made me breakfast this morning, before I woke.

Little curled up asleep on my pillow.

Little girls twirling in pretty dresses.

Lettuce, tomato and mayo sandwiches. My new pregnant craving.

Hugs from my big girl.

Sunday afternoon picnics.

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One thought on “One Thousand Gifts-Week 42

  1. Hey, we have that Princess & Goblin book. It's really old and the pages are falling out. If your kids liked it, I'll have to dig it out and read it to mine. (I wondered if it was a good book.)

    And the sandwiches? My mom made us those but she also added peanut butter. Haven't had any since. 😉 (hope that doesn't make you sick!)

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